Doom Patrol

Hi everyone, I know it has been really long since I posted anything but I got other stuff I’m working on. So now let’s shift our attention from me to this new series everybody’s talking about, Doom Patrol. Wow, I know right, probably not all of you know who this team is but that’s why I’m here Doom Patrol is a superhero team that is situated in the DC universe and it was created by writer Arnold Drake. Doom Patrol is what we can call the DC version of X-Men because this team is about a group of individuals gifted … Continue reading Doom Patrol

Glass 2019

How you all doing today, well school has been really tough for me but who cares right. Before I start, I don’t review only superhero movies and I also don’t review American movies only.  Now as you can see from the title, I’m talking about the movie Glass. This movie is like a superhero but it’s also more than that. This movie was written,produced and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and he created this movie as sequel to his past two movies Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016). For those of you who have watched both, good for you and if … Continue reading Glass 2019

Spider-Man Far from home teaser trailer

Happy New Year guys It’s been long since I last posted anything so I decided to break the ice with this. One of the movies we have been waiting for, Spider-Man Far from home is out. Just kidding😄😄😄, it’s only the teaser trailer that is out but it’s still awesome. Another good news I have is that the Avengers defeated Thanos in Endgame and brought back everyone that was desssimated and I know this because we see Peter Parker(Tom Holland) and Nick Fury(Samuel.L.Jackson) in the trailer. First we see Spidey helping his community by attending a benefit for the homeless … Continue reading Spider-Man Far from home teaser trailer

Crisis On Infinite Earths

Man, was Elseworlds dope or not and to top it all. They showed us the upcoming crossover which is Crisis on Infinite Earths. Crisis on Infinite Earths is an American comic created by Marv Wolfman and published by DC comics. It all started with The Monitor, a cosmic being who apparently has an evil twin called Anti-Monitor who came from an antimatter universe. So like all bad guys, he wants to destroy the entire Multiverse (Hope you already know what that is) and he could become the sole ruler of all realities, so Monitor recruited heroes from across time and … Continue reading Crisis On Infinite Earths

Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse

How we doing today guys. Cool so with awkward greetings out of the way. Let’s talk What we’re going to be talking about today is the latest movie in the cinemas, Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse This movie just came on the big screen today and I know some of you are already on your way to watch it but before you do that, why don’t you know a little about the movie so yo don’t enter the theater and be asking questions. Nobody likes that, trust me I know. So we all know Spiderman is Peter Parker right but … Continue reading Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse

Arrowverse Crossover 2018: Elseworlds

Hi guys, So today we’re talking about this year’s annual DC Arrowverse Crossover, Elseworlds . CW really got their freak on with this year’s crossover.If you don’t know what the CW is, where have you been? Well the CW is a production company that produces the best series and they helped DC bring the Arrowverse to life, the Arrowverse is another universe that consist of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow. The CW created a time in every year where all the shows are brought together to fight one bad guy First Crossover 2016, our heroes fought an … Continue reading Arrowverse Crossover 2018: Elseworlds

Aquaman Breakdown

Let’s start today with the King of the Seven Seas, King of all aquatic life, King of Atlantis … Aquaman. For those of you who have never heard of Aquaman before the trailer came out, well here’s what you need to know Aquaman is comic character created by DC, he is the king of Atlantis, which is a city full of people that live and breathe underwater. This comic character was brought to the spotlight by the DC cinematic universe, in this movie our main character is Aquaman, of course Well his father is a human and a light House … Continue reading Aquaman Breakdown

Avengers 4 Trailer

I’m very sure we’ve all seen the Avengers 4 Trailer and men are some of us going to cry Well the trailer showed us the name of the upcoming movie but before the trailer showed us, a lot of fans already guessed and some of these guesses were wrong while some of them were correct. “We’re in the ENDGAME now” this was what Dr. Strange said before giving the Time stone to Thanos to spare Tony’s life Avengers Endgame, wow really deep and it is. Let’s get back to the trailer, which started with showing us a scene with Tony … Continue reading Avengers 4 Trailer